Michael Pavlovsky
sculptor of fine art
Flamma Libertatis
Flamma Libertatis, created for Fairview Veterans Park in Fairview, Texas.

As a sculptor in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, I specialize in bronze sculptures, creating works of the human figure as well as portrait busts and full-size portraits. Commissioned sculpture, both realistic and abstract, is my specialty. My career in sculpture has included a variety of works, ranging from the lobby sculpture at the National Civil Rights Museum, to a pair of statues for a veterans memorial, to liturgical works for churches and synagogues.

In addition to creating art for corporate and institutional clients, I have produced a large body of work for consignment to commercial galleries. These works include smaller scale works, or larger totem-like sculptures which make a statement indoors or outdoors. 

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Michael Pavlovsky

Abstract works appeal to the imagination and offer an additional avenue for my creativity.

Water of Life

Water of Life, created for University Christian Church in Fort Worth, Texas.

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